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Lykalia K är företaget som tillverkar inredningsdetaljer, hantverksmässigt, i trä med förgyllda detaljer. Bakom företaget och all tillverkning står jag – Kristina Larsson.
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Upcoming events:

2018-06-09 – 2018-08-18 100 Folk, Hemslöjden Östergötland, Linköpingen

A wide and boundless summer exhibition at Hemslöjdsgården in Linköping. A hundred exhibitors show their interpretation of folk art today.

Earlier events:

2017-11-28 – 2017-12-31 Medlemmarnas egen julutställning, 125 kvadrat, Stockholm

As a member of the 125 Kvadrat, I participated in the Christmas exhibition organized by all members.


2017-12-02 – 2017-12-20 “Julklappen” Galleri Fiskhuset, Nyköping

The exhibition “Julklappen” was organized at Galleri Fiskhuset in Nyköping during December. 


2017-11-25 – 2017-12-17 Skansens julmarknad, Stockholm

Participated at Skansens christmas market where I among other things sold my plate “Levitate”.


2017-08-12 Näshultadagen, Näshulta

Näshultadagen is organized every year in Näshulta, where local craftsmen sell their products.


2017-07-01 – 2017-08-15 Medlemmarnas sommarutställning 2017, 125 Kvadrat, Stockholm

As a member of the 125 Kvadrat I participated in the summer exhibition organized by all members.

2017-05-14 – 2017-05-16 Pulse, London. 

“The Uk´s ultimate boutique trade event for inspiring new gifts, modern living and fashion accessories.” Welcome to stand D18


2017-01-17 – 2017-01-21 Young Designers at Formex.

Welcome to stand B12:50


2016-12 Christmas market at Skansen, Stockholm


2016-05 – 2016-09     Creators of things and thoughts, Things and thoughts part 9 (museum of Östergötland, Linköping)

Student exhibition where students at the bachelor of crafts and design present their final graduation products.


2016-08-24 – 2016-08-27      Young Designers at Formex 24-27 August 2016.

Welcome to stand B14:52


2016 – 02 Stockholm furniture and light fair (Stockholm)

Participated alongside my classmates in Green Room for Linköpings University.


2015 – 09     Speaker at Svensk Form Östs Pecha Kucha #41 (Linköping)

During the lecture I spoke of my creation process and the experience I’ve gained by starting my own company while studying at the same time.


2015 – 01     Formex (Stockholm)

I, alongside my classmates, participated in Formex for Linköpings University.


2015 – 05     Private exhibition for FOI. (Swedish Defence Research Agency, Linköping) 

Together with classmates I presented various products at a closed exhibition.


2015-04 – 2015-05     Form av form (Hemslöjden i Östergötland, Linköping)

Exhibition of mixed products in various materials and methods, by students at the bachelor of crafts and design, Linköpings Universitet.


2014-09 – 2015-01     Under samma tak (Östergötlandsmuseum, Linköping)

Salon where art, crafts and handicrafts were mixed and assessed by a jury.


2012-06 – 2014-10     Handkraft? Ja tack! (Eskilstuna stadsmuseum, Stockholms länsmuseum och Katrineholms konsthall)

A walking exhibition of the crafts and handicrafts of youth to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world.