Lykalia K | Jewellery box – Hidden treasures
Lykalia K är företaget som tillverkar inredningsdetaljer, hantverksmässigt, i trä med förgyllda detaljer. Bakom företaget och all tillverkning står jag – Kristina Larsson.
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About This Project

Like golden veins in the mountains; you never know what treasures might hide inside.


The jewellery box has room for larger jewellery in the two bottom sections, and for smaller jewellery in the six compartments in the middle part of the box. The lid has room for rings and earrings have their own place in the centre of the inside wall.

The jewellery box can be ordered in oak.

Inside: Black

The golden stripe is gilded with 23.75 carat gold.

size: height 29 cm, width 27 cm, length 24 cm.



All products become unique due to the use of solid materials, and the grains and twigs of the wood contribute to their aesthetic expression.

Jewellery box